The Story of Lost Jewels Land

           Once Upon a Time, there was a poor family called McGee. The McGee’s had eight children.  The youngest of those children was a shy boy named Ferris.  Ferris had trouble making friends and talking to other children because of his shyness.  Ferris always looked toward the ground and never up in a proud manner.  He was a very lonely boy.

            The troubled McGee’s decided to pack up everything and make a fresh start.  They set sail for the new land.  The McGee’s made it to America and settled right away in New York City.  All ten of them were crowded into a two-bedroom tenement building on the west side of the city.

            Mr. McGee was constantly working one of his three jobs to try and support the large family while Mrs. McGee was busy running the household.  This left a lot of alone time for Ferris to explore the city.

            He often spent hours wandering through Central Park, walking through the woods or climbing tall rocks.  He liked to climb rocks and sit at the edge peering into the city

            One day while climbing, he slipped on a loose edge and fell between a big crack.  He bumped his head so hard that he fell asleep and he awoke to find he was in a whole new land.  Behind him lay the crevasse in the rock that he fell through.  He knew he was no longer in Central Park.  He walked back through the rock and saw Central Park.  He walked back through again and was in his new land.  He knew that this rock was the passageway between the two worlds. 

            Over the next few months Ferris spent all of his time going through the crack in the rock and exploring this land.  The new land was full of lakes, rivers, forests, mountains, and fields.  He was so pleased exploring the land he realized he would be content to spend the rest of his life wandering this new countryside.

            In every area of the new land he would find precious hidden jewels.  He found different jewels in each different parts of the land.  He named his new land Lost Jewels Land.  In the first area he explored he found loads of colorful, sparkling glass pendants, so he named this area Pendant Coast.

            He didn’t know what to do with these beautiful objects so he would bring them home by the pocketful and hide them under his bed. 

           He spent months collecting the jewels and he always collected them alone.  He longed for some friends to play with.  He wished for a companion to explore Lost Jewels Land with.  He wanted someone he could talk to and decide on what to do with all of the beautiful jewels.  He fell asleep that night with so many jewels underneath his bed; they were poking him in his back making for a fitful night sleep.  He was jolted awake by the sound of a pirate in his window yelling “arrrrrgggg!”

           He sat up wide-awake, waiting to see what would happen. The pirate spoke and said, “Aaarrrrrrrggg.  Ye stole me treasure, ye stole me jewels! I should make ye walk the plank. However I’m not going to do that.  See, I’m an old pirate and its time for me to retire and sit on the edge of Pendant Coast looking out into the sea. I’ve been hoping someone like you would come around and find me jewels.  You see, me jewels are too beautiful to be hidden and need to be shared with the rest of the world.

           Ferris spoke up and said, “But I’m shy. I can’t go around and try to talk others into taking your jewels!”

           The pirate thought for a moment and responded, “Well then hide ‘em.  Hide ‘em where people can find ‘em.  Put ‘em in places where people who are just walking down the street will catch a glimpse of them and pick ‘em up.  I gotta go finish stringing together me new hammock so I can sit by the coast and take in the sea.”  And with that said, the pirate disappeared.

           When Ferris woke up he remembered what the pirate had said.  He began to gather the jewels so that he could go hide them.  Sometimes he would hide and watch the people find the jewels.  The people were always very happy to have found them.  He loved watching their expressions on their faces.  As he walked back to his apartment that night he realized he was walking proud and with his eyes looking straightforward.  He was so happy he decided to make it his goal to find as many jewels from Lost Jewels Land and share them with as many people as he could.

           He loved how he could share the treasures with the people of the world in a way that was fun and creative, without exposing his painful shyness. 

           And so began the story of Ferris McGee’s adventure into Lost Jewels Land!