Lost Jewels is an internet glass jewelry website started by comedian and glass artist Maggie Faris. Lost Jewels was started with the idea of making beautiful fused glass and lampwork jewelry accessible to everyone. Maggie Faris has been working in glass arts since 2001. She started her glass career in Minneapolis, MN and, until now, has only sold her work by word-of-mouth. Lost Jewels product line is designed by Maggie Faris and about 80% of lost jewels products are hers.

The idea for Lost Jewels came about while Maggie and a friend were discussing unique and creative ways of marketing products. Maggie thought it might be fun to "hide" the product around the city. Instead of spending money on advertising, she thought she would hide Jewels and hoped she could create a buzz about her product. Word is catching on fast about how beautiful these pendants are and how much fun it is to find hidden jewels throughout the city.

Most people have told her she was "crazy" to give so much of her product away. But every time she hears that she thinks of John Cusak in Say Anything when they are getting on the plane and Diane says, "Everyone thinks were crazy. No one thinks this will work." And Lloyd Banks says back,

"You just described every great success story."

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